Anthony Mellone

Nordonia Campus Life Club Director

Growing up I was a bit of a nomad having moved around 16 times and finally settling in the great Cleveland area. But when I am asked, I say that I grew up in Los Angeles, because that is where I spent the longest amount of time in my life. I graduated from Liberty University with a BA in Christian Ministries and have worked for a couple of churches. My interests include adventuring, skateboarding, motor cycles, and technology. I love all different types of music (my favorite band is Rush) and movies (I love Star Wars, Harry Potter and a ton of other geeky things!)  I am super passionate about students and getting them set up to succeed in life and achieve their hopes and dream -to be the best they can be and reach all of their goals. I think the best thing that we all have going for us is that we are all different! We have different styles, passions and talents that we can use to help people learn about Jesus and connect to each other.  I feel blessed that I am able to serve the community of Nordonia Hills!